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        Why One Teacher Wasn't Surprised by the celebrity College Entrance Scandal

        Loughlin and the other celebrities involved in the scandal are deluxe editions of a phenomenon I see all the time as an educator.

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        Politics as Sport: “Your Team” Should Not Define You

        For many, the ashes are still smoldering from the bridges burned during the 2016 election. When we think of our family, neighbors, and friends across the aisle as “evil” we not only lose those relationships, but we also lose any hope of bipartisan reform...

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        3 Things to Know about Refunds and Tax Cuts on Tax Day

        We cannot underscore how good the tax cuts were workers and families.

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        How Fox News' Meteorologist Janice Dean Keeps It Positive

        On this episode of "She Thinks," we focus on how to cultivate and maintain resiliency. Janice Dean, Senior Meteorologist at Fox News, joins the podcast!

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        Arizona Just Made It Easier for Military Spouses to Work There

        The left and the right recognize that occupational licenses are barriers to opportunity for those who need it.

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        The Left’s Answer to Social Security? Increase Your Taxes

        The left’s answer to saving Social Security is to soak the young and poor.

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        Meet the Worst College Loan Program: The PLUS Program Has Many Minuses

        Confronted with the cost of a degree, many students say that the four-year degree should be knocked off its pedestal.

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        Wisconsin deserves full transparency about vouchers

        Via The Hill

        by Vicki E. Alger

        Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers (D) has been promising transparency about voucher programs, but he and his allies are delivering half-truths instead...

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        Go to a Cheap College — or None at All

        Via National Review

        by Naomi Schaefer Riley

        A bachelor’s degree certifies a set of life skills you don’t really need college for...

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        This Tax Day, Let's Build on the Success of Tax Reform

        Via The Daily Caller

        by Hadley Heath

        There’s an old saying that time is money; that’s the concept behind “Tax Freedom Day” which signals the portion of the year Americans work just to cover their federal and state tax bills...

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        The Gospel According to Game of Thrones

        Via National Review

        by Jennifer C. Braceras

        Christian references in the series abound. They might provide clues about how it’s likely to end...

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        Putting the fear of God into the Chinese Communist Party

        Via Washington Examiner

        by Elisha Maldonado

        It is one of his biggest “crimes,” the reason for his imprisonment. Government officials arrested Wang, his wife, and 11 of the church members. Initially, more than 160 had been detained...

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        Is the Democrat Party Going to Become a Party of Socialists? ? Fox & Friends First

        Left Tries Desperately To Keep Collusion Narrative Alive ? Coast to Coast

        Democrats Only Success Has Been Avoiding Policy Conversation ? Evening Edit


        Another Confirmed Case of the Measles: What to do about anti-vaxxers? ? WBAL ? Listen >>>

        How to Incentivize Parents to Vaccinate Their Kids So Everyone Wins ? Steve Gruber Show ? Listen >>>


        FDA’s Sharpless will not be kind to vaping

        Via Vaping Post

        by Julie Gunlock

        It has been a full week since Scott Gottlieb has left the Food and Drug Administration. Sharpless will be no improvement when it comes to regulating vapes and e-cigarettes...

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        Conservatives Need to Reclaim Feminism or Pick a New Word

        Via The Daily Signal

        by Inez Stepman and Kelsey Bolar

        But a weightier question remains. Should conservatives reclaim the word “feminism,” or finally toss it to the left?..

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        As support for reparations grow, so does pushback from some black Americans

        Via The Washington Post

        by Patrice Lee Onwuka

        Patrice Lee Onwuka, a senior policy analyst with the conservative Independent Women’s Forum and a black woman, criticized the idea as ineffective...

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